Hacked | Murphy Series | Book 3

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Things I’m good at:
1)Cracking encrypted code.
2)That’s about it.
My job was to fly to Ireland, gather intel and then get out. It wasn’t to gather intel, fall for a girl, get completely distracted by said girl and then have no idea how to get out. I was in deep and the enigmatic and beautiful entrepreneur, Keeva Murphy was going to surely get me fired, or at the bare minimum, placed on the No Fly List for jeopardizing a year-long operation.

I knew the minute I sat down beside him on the plane he would destroy me somehow. I tried to keep my distance, I had a job to do after all, but the mysterious, sexy guy who hired me pushed all of my buttons, and not the good ones. Between him and my crazy Irish family, I was up to my eyeballs in chaos.
I had something to prove and there was no way I was going to let him prove me wrong.