Freedom | Murphy Series | Book 4

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I thought I had my priorities straight. Priority number one? Work followed closely by women.
Notice I said, women. I'm a one and done kind of guy. Refer back to priority number one. I'm allergic to relationships.
Besides, I've been told I'm terrible at them by enough women to know when to play to my strengths.

I spent years telling myself my family wasn't a priority until I almost believed it.
Now, I'm flying to Ireland to face the family that's pretended I didn't exist for the past five years to try and fix all the things I've destroyed, including myself.

You see, I'm not a good guy and Violet McGregor agrees. But you never know what tricks fate has up her sleeve.

He's back in town after all those years.
All those years of hating him wasted after one single, hot as hell look.
Over the years, my thoughts of him had faded but my hatred of him hadn't, that is, until the day he strode back in my life and the line between love and hate nearly disappeared.

Until he drew it firmly back in its place between us.