Expectation | Murphy Series | Book 2

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When I moved to Ireland, I was looking for the adventure of a lifetime. But six weeks after my first-ever one-night-stand, I'm alone, pregnant, and cursing that adventurous spirit.
I'm determined to make a go of it and I've enlisted my only friend to help me find a doctor -- and wouldn't you know? The nameless one-night stand I hooked up with has an actual MD behind his name and appears to be allergic to relationships.

I'm a doctor and I've seen what can happen to a couple who have a baby they’re not ready for. It’s what's made me Dublin’s biggest advocate for bachelorhood.
That is until the one-night-stand I couldn’t forget about walked into my waiting room and brought down my carefully constructed house of cards.

Can I put aside my fears of falling in love and let Gray into my heart or will her need to do this alone tear us apart?