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I think my last blog post inside this website is dated sometime back in 2016. 2016 people! What the hell happened to me? Well, I could spend all day outlining the crazy stuff that happened or we can just get on with it. My vote is to just get on with it, and since I’m the CEO of this ship, we’re moving on and forgetting about 2017.

I’ve been writing and I’ve been growing a business and I’ve been working full-time coaching entrepreneurs and I’m excited to update you on some pretty crazy happenings coming in February.

First off, Freedom will finally get it’s release! Quinn is coming everyone. Quinn is coming. Literally, and figuratively LOLOLOL. Sorry, the cheese! Here’s the blurb to get you in the mood!

Quinn Murphy’s got the bad boy thing down to a science. It’s all anyone’s ever expected of him and why mess with a good thing? He’s got everything he ever thought he needed but never actually wanted and that’s the problem. He’s been running from his past and after one fateful night, it collides with his present, forcing him to return to the very place and people he’s been avoiding for the past five years.

Violet McGregor is emerging from the cloud of misery and leaving all her bad choices on the other side of the world. She’s moved to Ireland, opened her dream business and has reconnected with her best friend, Ashlyn after way too many years under her ex-husband’s cloistering rules. She’s determined to make a life for herself without needing a man to lean on, until the fates throw the one man she’s never been able to resist directly into her arms.

Watch for Freedom to be released in late February!

Second, I’m combining my love of writing and marketing and my coaching business and releasing my course, Marketing For The Romance Writer. Modules will include:

Technical steps to upload

Growing Your List

Social Media for the Romance Writer

The Funnel

The Red Ocean

Marketing Tools

Reviews and ARCs

Growing Your Base

Bonuses will include:

Canva Graphics




Private Mastermind Group

Watch it for it to be released in late February along with Freedom! If you’re an experienced writer trying to cut through the marketing noise or brand new, there’s something to learn inside of this course! Want to learn more? Shoot me an email and we can chat!

Want to sign up to gain access to the early bird bonuses? Here’s your link–>Enroll Here!

So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for lots more blogging, more writing and more hot Murphy brothers and guys who love the Murphy girls! Thanks for sticking with me!


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