To beard, or not to beard?

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I have always been down with some hair on a guy.  When I was a teen and overheard a guy my dad knew and played hockey with, who when he took his shirt off, had zero chest hair, say, “No grass on a well used playground.”  So classy, buddy, and that left me with an odd aversion to hairless men, which I know, is also a current trend.  Don’t even get me started about manscaping and my latest introduction to nutscaping!

Anyway, it’s not that I’m attracted to sasquatch, it’s just that a least a dusting of hair on the chest but for sure some minimal stubble on the face, but I love the current trend of a full beard.  So much so, that my latest hero, Brennan, sports one.

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To beard, or not to beard?

Comment below and tell me what you think?  To beard, or not to beard?

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