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I’m a huge fan of the podcast, Fated Mates (I’ll link to the podcast page at the end of this email) and so I’ve been inspired to create something similar to their theme this season. They’re choosing the books that ‘Blooded’ them. Made them feel all the things. Here, in that spirit, are mine. I’d love to know yours. Simply comment and let me know yours. Any genre. Just a list of the books that changed the way you read and what you love to read.

#1 – Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

When my best friend gave me Outlander to read while I was recovering from surgery, I specifically said, “I don’t read romance.”

I was under some sort of Oprah’s Book of the Month Club spell and was busy trying to read books that I thought I should be reading, but wasn’t all that interested in.

Then, I opened up Outlander and James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser brought me back to the genre I truly was at home with.

#2 Dark Fever, by Karen Marie Moning

Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning

I devoured the entire Fever Series on my second surgical sabbatical. This story was recommended to me by another friend and it changed the hero archetype that I thought I needed. Jerricho Barrens is a hero that is so pure alpha. So flawed, so tragic, so stubborn and yet so in tune with his destiny being entwined with Mac’s that you can’t help but root for him, even when he’s pissing you off, royally.

Strong heroine, paranormal, space/time continuum, other dimensions, lots of action and a climax that doesn’t happen until book 4? Yes, please!

#3 The Secret, by Julie Garwood

The Secret by Julie Garwood

I’m a fan of anything Julie Garwood writes, historical or modern, but The Secret and the connected books to it were my introductions to historical and I was hooked. From this book, I read EVERYTHING she had. Regardless of genre. Ransom. The Wedding. The Bride and Ideal Man. Hot Shot.

You get it. I’m a Garwood fan of both her heroines and heroes. And especially her Highland Lairds. I think you’re seeing how Outlander influenced all of my reads after it, right?

#4 First Grave On the Right by Darynda Jones

First Grave On the Right by Darynda Jones

The long-running Charlie Davidson Series gives me everything I need in a romance. Mystery (I came to romance from mystery), sex, a hot alpha and a smart-mouthed, in charge heroine and something new to me that I crave now humour.

Darynda Jones can make me laugh like no other author. Her quirks alone are smirk worthy, but her chapter headings are the funniest things I’ve read in romance.

Add to that, the series delivers thirteen quick reads to equal this mom’s perfect read!

#5 Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels Loretta Chase

Okay, Lord of Scoundrels. Can we talk? This historical is so different than all the other historicals I’ve ever read and it was perfect.

A heroine who nearly kills a man with her bare hands? A hero who hates himself and therefore all those around him because of the incredible abuse he received growing up?

A cast of characters you’ll need a notebook to keep track of? Humour. Hot sex. Paris, London and the English countryside?

And then a single alpha dad in the 1800’s? Please. Done. Like. Dinner. Loretta Chase created an incredibly modern piece, set in history and I couldn’t have loved it any more than I did. I even listened to it on CD! Remember those things? CD’s LOL!

Okay, I’m super excited to hear about your books that ‘turned’ you! Comment below with your picks.

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