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In a couple of weeks, my family will embark on a 24 hour road trip.  I started prepping weeks ago, but now that I’m in crunch time, I’m finding my activities lacking.  I’ve got the usual travel bingo, license plate hunt and colouring, but after that, nada.  I’ve also got a problem with the large age gap between kids.  Audio books are on the plan, but with a 7 yr old and a nearly 12 year old, their interests are vastly worlds apart.  I’m putting the call out for any amazing ideas, especially for a super busy 7 yr old and a typical tween girl who is into headphones and her wifi, one of which will be sorely lacking on the trip. (No, for the last time, we cannot buy a car with wifi for the trip!)

Comment below with your ideas and I’ll choose a few people to receive a FREE e-book copy of Worlds Apart.


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  • Michelle Webber

    My used to buy us little gifts – we would get a new one at each rest stop we had to stop at. Things like Mad Libs, spy marker books, brain teasers, magnetic travel games…
    I don’t think I’ve played the license plate game, but maybe it’s similar to the alphabet game that we played. Find a word on a sign that starts with A, then B, etc. Must be at the beginning of the word.

    • Holly Mortimer

      Mad libs, love it!

  • Jennifer Barnwell

    We used to sing crazy camp songs like “going on a lion hunt”, the corner grocery store, making a purple stew, poor little bug on the wall. We also played I spy… You could also try window markers for drawing / messages on the windows like a new canvass. The lines and dots game. Play 20 questions as a family. Play headbandz You basically draw a card and without looking at it, put it on your “headband” (we have made headbands out of posterboard and then just tape the card on the front). You then have to ask other players questions about what is on your card (and they can only give yes or no answers) and try to guess what it is before time runs out. Play would you rather.

    • Holly Mortimer

      Oh, would you rather is on the docket for sure! It’s Lila’s current obsession. Getting the tween to play will be a challenge. I thought of window markers but it will have to in secret, ’cause dad is protective of his car! Thanks Jen

  • Jennifer Crossan

    I buy some surprises (dollar store- puzzles, travel games etc) to keep under the passenger seat that I can hand back when they get too squiggly. We grab some classic Walt Disney movies or an old TV series, help pass the time. We pack lunch/dinner or drive thru and when we stop at a rest stop we play a quick game of tag. Lots of snacks- I try to keep some of them a surprise. Individual road maps so they can mark where we stop and follow along where we are. CAA guidebooks and along i75 help with trivia discussions. They will probably surprise you. Our children have travelled over 30 000 km in road trips in the past 4 years and do great. A 40 minute drive to Grandmas and they are bored!

    • Holly Mortimer

      Thanks Jennifer! I think going will be a piece of cake. Coming home will suck no matter how I slice it. Gonna have to try to drive as much as we can in the night. And save some surprises for the trip home.

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