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It’s Random Act of Kindness day and I’ve struggled with how to offer kindness while basically staying at home with my kids most of the day.  I had to go out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, so I thought I could do the standard buy coffee for the next person in line for me….except I’m trying not to drink coffee.  I set the worry aside and went on with folding laundry, making lunch, folding more laundry.  Then I went out.  And it hit me.  Random Act of Kindness day is about taking the time to think about what you can do to act kinder to others today.  But what about when it’s not RAKD?  Why can’t I try to incorporate some small, tiny act into every day?  Holding a door for someone, agreeing to boil at work and not complain my hot flash is making it feel tropical and insist someone turn down the heat.  Offer a smile to a client who could really use it.  Treat my co-workers to less of my resting bitch face and more of my sunshine that I pull out for my kids, but not often others.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I took of to the grocery store, ready to try my new plan out.  When I got there, of course they had sliding doors, so that option was out.  But I did my part.  I helped an elderly couple walk all the way back to the bread department when they were lost and confused and it wasn’t something that I should have only done today.  It’s something we need to always try to remember to do.

I’m leaving you with one of the smiley faces I hang out with every day. It’s one of my favourite pics of my youngest a while ago, before she became all growed up and seven!  Happy RAKD!



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