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Whoa! Do not adjust your internet settings, but you are actually reading a blog from the desk of Holly Mortimer author in the year of 2018. I know, I went missing for a while, took some time off to reset and am back, nearly ready to release Freedom and embarking on a whole new business venture. But that’s not what this blog is going to be for. This blog is for you, the readers. I’ve started a new type of newsletter. It’s more of a lifestyle update, as opposed to what you might be used to receiving from your romance authors.

You see, I really think the industry needs an overhaul of how they create marketing content, starting with the newsletter. This can clearly reach across any industry, but for me, I’m only talking romance. I’m giving up the news that lands in your inbox that comes from other authors, that gives you info on multi promo opportunities and covers you’ve already seen before on my social channel. I’m replacing it with things that I’m thinking you want to see, but that’s where I need your help. Drop your thoughts on what would make a fantastic, value packed newsletter for you and I’ll integrate as many as I can into my bi-weekly deliveries. Think outside the box. There are no limits. Here are some of the content pieces you’ll see coming up from me or have seen lately:

  • Irish tourism videos
  • Whiskey recipes
  • Ireland home videos of mine
  • Exclusive chapter previews
  • My favourite reads – I must be in LOVE with the author and have read the book from beginning to end
  • Snippets from my socials
  • A day in the life video content
  • Author life pics and videos
  • Favourite romantic places I’ve travelled to

What else! Do by shy! Let me know! For now, if you haven’t joined my community, please do so! My thanks for joining is a free copy of Avow: A Murphy Novella. Follow this link to get started!

Happy Tuesday,


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