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OMG, last week, a friend of mine was over, as I was eating pizza and she was drinking water, telling me about her amazing experience at a new training facility here in town.  I have “special needs” when it comes to working out.  I’ve had two ACL repairs and recently knocked my SI joint right out of place.  So, I’ve been using these injuries as an excuse to not workout.  The results have been spectacular.  Weight gain, yup.  Energy drop, of course.  Feeling sluggish all day long, you guessed it, yes!

I’m a big believer in the universe shoving stuff in our face when we need to see it.  I’ve been working hard the past few years to pay attention to these not so gentle reminders.  I finally paid attention and joined this unique “gym”.  It’s tiny in comparison to other gyms.  It’s in the arena where I could potentially pitch a tent and no one would notice I’m there so much anyway.  But the most appealing thing it offered was a full-time trainer to design a plan for someone like me.

Anyway, I’ll be occasionally updating you on my progress or lack thereof, but rest assured, there will never be a pic of me to accompany these specific posts.  I’m not there yet and hope I’m never there.  The world needs less pictures of me and more pictures of cute babies and kittens for sure.  Oh, and hot men.  That wouldn’t be such a tragedy either.

So today, typing is challenging thanks to some invention called the Waiter’s Walk and the Farmer’s Plow that I had to learn last night, but I’m excited to kick my unhealthy habits to the curb and be around to play with my kids and watch them grow without getting stuck on the floor like I sometimes do now.

Comment below with your thoughts on gyms, training and your fav signature move!

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