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That’s right.  You heard me.  I was in gig jail.  What precisely is gig jail, you ask?  At my day job, 3 of us share 15GB of data for our cellphones.  Late in December, we all got a text alerting us to the fact that we had used 13Gb of our data and if we went over, large charges would incur until the 13th of January.  My co-worker called the cell phone provider, only to uncover the fact that my phone was guilty of using 11GB of the 13 used.  Roh Roh!  And thus, my new nickname, Gigs, was born.  Apparently, streaming movies while waiting for my daughter’s hockey game and watching endless Stampy and Dan youtube videos with my oldest daughter, used up quite a few gigs.  More than most people use in 6 months!  I was accused of watching some unsavory stuff, but I swear to you, it wasn’t me!

I got a text last week, letting me know that my data had been frozen and I was going to have to wait until the 13th to regain the ability to use my phone outside of a wifi zone.  Of course, the past 4 days have been unbearably full of really bad weather, emergency dentist visits with both kids in tow, long drives to hockey and God forbid, AM radio in place of my beloved Apple Music.

But now, now I am out of gig jail and can freely roam the country listening to Apple Music, watching youtube and accepting and sending texts outside of my home and office!  So, I’m curious.  Anyone ever gotten to the same point?

Gotta go.  I’ve got gigs to use!


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