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12195800_10153662704535119_3411167509369261574_n12195857_10153662704620119_3193682519013874528_nIt’s Halloween 2015 and for the first time since becoming a parent, I’m the parent staying home to dish out the treats!  Now, my husband and I have an argument that has arisen.  As I’m never at home to give out candy, I had no idea that this was, as he says, common practice.  So, in the comments, please enlighten us.  Do you give out 1 piece or 2?  I won’t tell you which one of us feels which way.  I’ll let you know in tomorrow’s post!  Back to editing I go!  Happy Halloween!

**Update** Well, as some of you probably guessed, I was in the 1 per kid category.  Not because I’m stingy and awful, but because I really don’t think they need all that junk food!  However, if you have a child next Halloween, you might want to consider heading to my house.  At least 2 treats per child coming your way!**

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  • Kelly McCann

    Well – I’m leaning towards 2 – but I always buy lots and we get less than 10 trick or treaters each year…..so really the treats are for me and I hand out multiples so I don’t feel quilty about the 30 bags of chips that will still be left for me at the end of the night!

  • Morgan Kneider

    I give out two, sometimes more. But we hardly ever have more than 15 kids here. Sooo, I hope it helps your case.
    Can’t decide which side you would be on, don’t want to risk guessing. 🙂

  • Keila

    Always be the awesome house that gives out more! Unless your treats are really good then one is perfectly acceptable ☺

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