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I’ve just released the final installment in a 5.5 book series and I’m in the overwhelming phase as a writer when I try to figure out what to do next. I’ve run an Instagram reader contest that gave me great feedback, but to be honest, the story they all voted on has been done before. And writing it isn’t bringing me joy. As a writer in my late forties, I want the stories I tell to bring both my reader joy AND me.  So, I’ve shelved that story for a couple of weeks and I’ll circle back to it in October.

There’s been this storyboard trying to push itself to the forefront of the creative part of my brain for a while now. Earlier this year, I went through a separation from my husband of almost seventeen years. It was and still is, quite painful. We have two daughters and we’re just trying to figure out where we go from here. We are lucky. We’re both able to stand each other’s presence and in reality, still get along quite well. We finally came to the realization that forcing each other to be ‘in love’ wasn’t working and that we work quite well as best friends and co-parents to our teens.

Over the past seven months, something incredible happened. Through this emotional turmoil, I found my desire to write again. For way too long, it was just something that I did to earn some money that entertained people. I’m good at writing romance. I love, love. But it wasn’t bringing me joy and my heart was hurting, so, I set it aside. Until my head and my heart were free to stretch and then, I began to write again.

I’ve just finished reading an article about women writing memoirs for women who are in their 40’s and 50’s. How the traditional ideal of this time frame for women being the beginning of the end is being blown all to hell. The article was all about how women in this age group are experiencing huge transitions in their lives and they’re looking for ‘what’s next’ and they aren’t putting limits on what that could be. They’re soaring. They’re reaching. They’re living their ultimate best life.

And then it hit me. I’d found my next series. Just because a woman hits 40 doesn’t mean she isn’t worthy of romancelandia giving her the heroine role. What if she was the heroine who got it all, just like her younger counterparts?

So, welcome to the upcoming series by, me, Holly Mortimer. A series of romance novels that will follow five women in their 40’s as they find love, have incredible sex, travel the world and unapologetically live just as they want to live. Stay tuned over the next 8 weeks as I introduce you to these women and the hot, romantic adventures they’re about to experience.

Audrey, Matilda, Beatrix, Stella and Penelope are headed your way in 2020/2021 and I hope you’re as excited to meet them their heroes as I am!



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